31 May 2009

A Craft Room (aka...I don't want to study now)

Someday (over the rainbow)..I'd like to have a craft room. I figure its the only way to keep the rest of my house tidy. Most craft rooms I've seen though just look so disorderly they make me cringe. Haha...I don't think I could work very well if i felt trapped under a mountain of clutter! I love clean, well lit spaces for crafting. Every tool must have its place! ^_^

This is my favorite..except I'd want a regular high desk with more space on top..and more light! But everything has it's place. I think a table like in the second picture would be better. After all, I don't always want to do crafts by myself! AND add a small TV and dvd player in the corner, brighten up the walls and add some actual artwork. Also, I'd like a space for a drafting table (and maybe my humongous easel).

This one is nice too. I like the look of everything being behind glass or in a cabinet, but honestly this is probably easier to maintain. It has a table with multiple chairs which I think is good too!. I don't like shelves that are that close to the ceiling. If you're going to have shelves, the should be within easy reach and store practical stuff. I think it's better to keep pictures and decorations on the walls...less shelves to dust and less junk to move around to dust them! A counter top would be nice though... esp one with shelves and cabinets underneath.

Ok...that's enough random babble about craft rooms. Unfortunately, genomics with it's incredibly boring "history of PCR machines" lecture calls. :(

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Phillip said...

A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.

Katie said...

Or a type A/gold personality. :P