10 May 2009

Congrats Brooke

So my good friend Brooke graduated yesterday! I'm so proud of her! She started out as as city girl who LOVED horses, but never had the opportunity to be around them. Nobody ever thought should would make it in the horse world...the horse industry is very hard to get into if you're not born into it...or at least born with a lot of money. However, through a single opportunity at the UA, she landed an internship taking care of Linda's horses. She cared for, trained, and rode the horses. She faced many setbacks such as getting (unjustly) kicked out of the barn that taught riding lessons. However, though hard work and perseverance her skills grew and she made it. Way to go for following your dreams and not letting anyone hold you back!

unfortunately, none of my pictures at the ceremony turned out. So this is all I got!

Linda gave Brooke, Rio - the horse Brooke rode. I was so happy! She really deserves that horse!

Then we blindfolded her....

and set her loose on a pinata to end the celebration!
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Anna said...

congratulations, Brooke..... She looks so beautiful!