31 May 2009

A Craft Room (aka...I don't want to study now)

Someday (over the rainbow)..I'd like to have a craft room. I figure its the only way to keep the rest of my house tidy. Most craft rooms I've seen though just look so disorderly they make me cringe. Haha...I don't think I could work very well if i felt trapped under a mountain of clutter! I love clean, well lit spaces for crafting. Every tool must have its place! ^_^

This is my favorite..except I'd want a regular high desk with more space on top..and more light! But everything has it's place. I think a table like in the second picture would be better. After all, I don't always want to do crafts by myself! AND add a small TV and dvd player in the corner, brighten up the walls and add some actual artwork. Also, I'd like a space for a drafting table (and maybe my humongous easel).

This one is nice too. I like the look of everything being behind glass or in a cabinet, but honestly this is probably easier to maintain. It has a table with multiple chairs which I think is good too!. I don't like shelves that are that close to the ceiling. If you're going to have shelves, the should be within easy reach and store practical stuff. I think it's better to keep pictures and decorations on the walls...less shelves to dust and less junk to move around to dust them! A counter top would be nice though... esp one with shelves and cabinets underneath.

Ok...that's enough random babble about craft rooms. Unfortunately, genomics with it's incredibly boring "history of PCR machines" lecture calls. :(

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29 May 2009

Critter painting rampage

This has been a rather stressful week...with close calls for George, Luigi, and Papa! Keep all 3 of them in your prayers. All are on their way to recovery, but gave us quite a scare in all cases!

I went on a painting rampage yesterday and painted a bunch of critters.

These were supposed to be for a big eyed critter themed swap (so yes the eyes are all wrong on purpose), but I don't think I can give them up. I'll have to try painting someone else's dogs or some other critters for the swap (if I choose to partcipate). I think Baily and Rusty (who looks completely guilty) are my favorites. Luigi was super hard to paint, and Haley looks like an alien.

Snails and a catepillar.

Blue Crowned Conures for a personalized trade and a PIF ^_^

And now I'm letting my creativity recharge by taking a break from painting (as long as i can stand it). I also need to study for my bazillion upcoming exams.
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27 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend didn't enitirely go as planned, but we still had a really nice time on Saturday.

We saw some cool birds (Sandhill Cranes)

Explored some wetlands.

and relaxed at the winery.

Overall, a good day.

Sunday my parents left early to check on Luigi and George. Both are now doing much better, but they had us pretty worried!

Peace and love!
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Look What Came in the Mail!!!

My first returns from ATC trades :)

This little cutie came all the way from the United Kingdom and was made for me by TattieKite on the ATCsforALL forums :)

These I traded for, and I think they are even better in person. KayakChickee made them www.kayakchickee.blogspot.com.

I really love all 4 cards I got today! They really made a bad day better!
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25 May 2009

Pray for Little Luigi

We've had Luigi for a while now, and just this weekend he became suddenly ill. We still don't know what exactly is wrong with him. His spleen is HUGE...so huge that it is displacing his other organs. He's lethargic, anorexic, and guards his abdomen. He's on a couple of broad spectrum antbiotics, pain meds, and anti-nausea meds. I'm hoping and praying that he gets better, because he's so important to my family and me. He's just such a sweet fellow, it breaks my heart to think we might loose him so soon!

Please remember him today in you thoughts and prayers.

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Girl's Best Friend ATC series

Traded :)

For mom!

For Kodii!

Available for trade!
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24 May 2009

Mom and I traded ATCs

Hmm..is this mom's rendition of my cooking? I haven't burned that much! haha

And...Mr.Bailey from me, the most photogenic of beagles.

Now who else would like to trade?

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This is an artist trading card my mom made for me. It's so adorable.

Only two months now for the wedding! My parents came to visit me this weekend and we were going to finish up our invitations. But little Luigi became acutely ill and mom and dad are on their way home to help the little dog. So invitations will go out soon, but first we have to get Luigi feeling better! Keep our little dog in your prayers. He's a vital member of our family.

Meanwhile, Chase and I are working hard at school and trying to focus (which is very difficult).

Peace and love to all.



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22 May 2009

Elton John Concert

You might be tired of just looking ATC picture.

SO here are pictures of the Elton John concert. It was very colorful...almost to the point where it distracted from the music. It was a lot of fun though! 3.5 hours of Elton John and Billy Joel with 3 of my best friends! Life can't get much better than that can it?

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21 May 2009


Here are all the ATCs I've created!

The Pirate (UK), Poofy Bird (New Jersey), and leaves have all been traded (Singapore). The heron is not for trade!

The bottom two are going to Singapore.

The Greyhound one is going to Italy

These are for a southwest themed swap ^_^
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15 May 2009

My latest ATCs.

So I worked up enough courage to participate in an online ATC swap. Actually, it will be my first ATC swap ever! It's theme was cicadas, which I thought was fun. I hope they are good enough to actually trade!

Ugh. This is my attempt at acryllic paints. I'll probably try to stick with water color...

Watercolor Cicada. This one is my favorite.

Another cicada.

Not a cicada...don't know what I'll use this one for. He just looked fun to paint. I'm thinking I might go back and add some more color to him later.

For now! It's bed time!
Next week is round one of tests! I want to make straight As this semester so i probably should study!
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13 May 2009

I did something fun!

I cut a bunch of 2.5" x 3.5" pieces of water color paper to paint. Such a small painting can't take tooo much time, right? It's a good study break :)

Butterfly on a flower

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