26 April 2009

Order restored to my little universe

Santana and Danny went to church with me today. The message was about how do you view God. I guess the main point was just that we should be happy to be considered God's children...which we are unworthy to be.

So operation de-slob the apartment was a success, and order has been restored to my little universe. Almost....I'll have to talk about the AC with my apartment manager tomorrow. It's doing the drip a bunch and saturate the laundry room floor (and back wall) thing again. I'm freaking out about mold. See what putting these ideas in my head does? Now i'm going to worry about it. bah. Oh well. I'll get it taken care of tomorrow. Meanwhile...I'll have to move Gary's food out..and my vacuum too. *sigh*

It's nice to have a clean environment.

Freshly vacuumed carpet! Hooray! Dust free shelves and TV! Hooray!

Fresh linens! Hooray! Did you notice the progress of my new quilt? 2 rows finished! And all my lines almost lined up :) Hooray!

Gary doesn't mind it either. He just likes having a place to lay. He needs a buddy to snuggle with.

No dirty dishes! Hooray! Freshly mopped floor! Hooray! Freshly cleaned out microwave! Hooray! A dirty microwave is a pet peeve of mine. Clean counters! Hooray! Clean rug! Hooray!

So life is good except for rapidly approaching finals and my leaky AC.
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