25 April 2009

Operation De-Slob the Apartment

With finals rapidly approaching and the completion of my second to last anatomy exam, I'm afraid my apartment has become quite a mess! So today I'm setting everything right :) Operation De-Slob the Apartment! Ooh! I added a Roomba to the target wedding registry..it's an robot vacuum. I talked to some friends who had seen them in action... very cool. You tell it how often you want it to vacuum, and it vacuums...then goes back to its charging station. It even knows when it hits particularly soiled areas and spends more time on them. It's good because 1. it vacuums how ever often you want it to. 2. encourages you to pick up stuff (b/c it can't vacuum around objects very well). It sounds pretty good for two busy students with one (or maybe 2) dogs! Hehe...and cats ride them

Apartment to do list....
-dog bowls
-put stuff away

School to do list....
-Stupid repro homework designed to take time out of studying
-Study Anatomy (SNAKES! LIZZARDS! TURTLES! - for once not a chore to study)
-study repro phys (after doing retarded homework)
-study immunology
-write epidemiology notes in book
-practice epidemiology problems

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