19 April 2009

A half-clean sofa

This is a picture of my newly cleaned sofa cushions. I wish I could take the non-cushion part off to clean it too! As you can see, cleaning the removable cushion covers did a world of good for my poor old sofa! I really like my sofa...it's just old and a little dirty. I think I'm going to call stanley steamers to come out and clean the thing soon. Then I would really like to order a custom made cover for it! Probably before I go home for the wedding!

I'M GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN 100 DAYS!! That's hard to belive!

in addition to that, I have

11 more days of anatomy lab

16 days left until I'm considered a VM2 and FINISHED WITH ANATOMY!

Exciting things!

The wedding blog has been updated too so check it out!

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