14 April 2009


This was the first Easter I ever spent away from my family. I've always gone down to Uncle Bo and Papa's house, but this year I just couldn't make it! So..I made all my friends exchange Easter baskets (Dirty Santa style) and called Basket Bunny Bandit. Silly right? Then we dyed Easter eggs. See all the cups? Haha...they went a little crazy buying kits! BTW Eastre was a pagan holiday celebrated by the Saxons. The bunny was a symbol of the goddess of spring, Eastre. And bunnies are, as you know, famous for their...erm...fertility. Eggs have long been a symbol of rebirth, and reminder of creation for various ancient culutres before Jesus walked the earth. Christians came along and incorporated these things to make converting easier. Afterall...why join Christians if all you see them doing is ruining your celebrations? I'm not really sure what the point of that sidenote was, but it's good to be aware that some of the customs we celebrate on Easter have nothing to do with Christ's resurection. Of course, I don't associate dyeing eggs and the Easter Bunny with false gods and pagan worship anymore. I just like spending time with my friends and opportunity to express a little creativity! Anyway, I celebrated Easter with some friends and we had a nice time. I couldn't convince them to come to church with me on Sunday morning, but maybe someday they'll come! I certainly hope so.

Peace out.

Lots of pretty colors!

Gary thought the eggs smelled yummy.

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