23 April 2009

Dog please?

Ok...so during epidemiology today, I was bad and looked at dogs up for adoption. Bad girl! But aren't they cute??? I think we need another dog... the one in the top left is a beagle-border collie mix. She's sooo cute! But then the beagle in the middle is cute too...so is the cuddly little dachshund! And the fat beagle!! Awww... everyone needs an overweight hypothyroid beagle! And then there's the greyhound, Nathan. He looks like a good friend for Gary. I bet they would snuggle on the couch together.

In other news, I feel like my test in anatomy went reasonable well. I can't remember some of my answers, but I think i can safely say I'm in the clear. :) So that's a major relief.

Pastor Paul sent us a copy of the wedding vowels he thinks we should you, and I really like them.... very beautiful, not exactly traditional, and God centered. Pastor Craig OKed taking communion (just me and Chase) as a part of the service :) I applied for new health insurance today! So many things falling into place. Now it's just waiting for the wedding!

Now, Gary and I are sitting on my back porch enjoying the warm spring day...well I think i'm enjoying it more than he is. He doesn't understand why I like sitting outside.

Peace to all of you! God bless.
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