30 April 2009


Look who found my birdfeeders today! Gold Finches! They are pretty little birds...hey and maybe they'll tell their friends about the new bird feeders on the block. No body has tried my suet feeder yet, but maybe they will soon. The hummers are bickering over my little humming bird feeder.

Gary doesn't care about my feathered vistitors or about my upcoming finals...

Speaking of finals, I'm trying to put in that last push to try to get good grades. However, the a good part of me wonders what's the point of stressing myself out for good grades. What's wrong with Bs and Cs? A 40% on my finals (in every class) earns a C. In 3 of my classes I just need in the 60 range to get a B. So I should just be happy with my Bs and Cs... and not kill myself over the A. Right?

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