30 April 2009

Need a Pair of binoculars....

What is this? Orchard Oriole? He was too skinny and dark to be a Robin

Mystery bird...

As I was looking at mystery bird (maybe Orchard Oriole), look who showed up to pose for a picture! It's Mr. Ruby Throated Hummingbird paying a visit :)
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Look who found my birdfeeders today! Gold Finches! They are pretty little birds...hey and maybe they'll tell their friends about the new bird feeders on the block. No body has tried my suet feeder yet, but maybe they will soon. The hummers are bickering over my little humming bird feeder.

Gary doesn't care about my feathered vistitors or about my upcoming finals...

Speaking of finals, I'm trying to put in that last push to try to get good grades. However, the a good part of me wonders what's the point of stressing myself out for good grades. What's wrong with Bs and Cs? A 40% on my finals (in every class) earns a C. In 3 of my classes I just need in the 60 range to get a B. So I should just be happy with my Bs and Cs... and not kill myself over the A. Right?

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26 April 2009

pictures :)

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Order restored to my little universe

Santana and Danny went to church with me today. The message was about how do you view God. I guess the main point was just that we should be happy to be considered God's children...which we are unworthy to be.

So operation de-slob the apartment was a success, and order has been restored to my little universe. Almost....I'll have to talk about the AC with my apartment manager tomorrow. It's doing the drip a bunch and saturate the laundry room floor (and back wall) thing again. I'm freaking out about mold. See what putting these ideas in my head does? Now i'm going to worry about it. bah. Oh well. I'll get it taken care of tomorrow. Meanwhile...I'll have to move Gary's food out..and my vacuum too. *sigh*

It's nice to have a clean environment.

Freshly vacuumed carpet! Hooray! Dust free shelves and TV! Hooray!

Fresh linens! Hooray! Did you notice the progress of my new quilt? 2 rows finished! And all my lines almost lined up :) Hooray!

Gary doesn't mind it either. He just likes having a place to lay. He needs a buddy to snuggle with.

No dirty dishes! Hooray! Freshly mopped floor! Hooray! Freshly cleaned out microwave! Hooray! A dirty microwave is a pet peeve of mine. Clean counters! Hooray! Clean rug! Hooray!

So life is good except for rapidly approaching finals and my leaky AC.
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25 April 2009

Operation De-Slob the Apartment

With finals rapidly approaching and the completion of my second to last anatomy exam, I'm afraid my apartment has become quite a mess! So today I'm setting everything right :) Operation De-Slob the Apartment! Ooh! I added a Roomba to the target wedding registry..it's an robot vacuum. I talked to some friends who had seen them in action... very cool. You tell it how often you want it to vacuum, and it vacuums...then goes back to its charging station. It even knows when it hits particularly soiled areas and spends more time on them. It's good because 1. it vacuums how ever often you want it to. 2. encourages you to pick up stuff (b/c it can't vacuum around objects very well). It sounds pretty good for two busy students with one (or maybe 2) dogs! Hehe...and cats ride them

Apartment to do list....
-dog bowls
-put stuff away

School to do list....
-Stupid repro homework designed to take time out of studying
-Study Anatomy (SNAKES! LIZZARDS! TURTLES! - for once not a chore to study)
-study repro phys (after doing retarded homework)
-study immunology
-write epidemiology notes in book
-practice epidemiology problems

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23 April 2009

Dog please?

Ok...so during epidemiology today, I was bad and looked at dogs up for adoption. Bad girl! But aren't they cute??? I think we need another dog... the one in the top left is a beagle-border collie mix. She's sooo cute! But then the beagle in the middle is cute too...so is the cuddly little dachshund! And the fat beagle!! Awww... everyone needs an overweight hypothyroid beagle! And then there's the greyhound, Nathan. He looks like a good friend for Gary. I bet they would snuggle on the couch together.

In other news, I feel like my test in anatomy went reasonable well. I can't remember some of my answers, but I think i can safely say I'm in the clear. :) So that's a major relief.

Pastor Paul sent us a copy of the wedding vowels he thinks we should you, and I really like them.... very beautiful, not exactly traditional, and God centered. Pastor Craig OKed taking communion (just me and Chase) as a part of the service :) I applied for new health insurance today! So many things falling into place. Now it's just waiting for the wedding!

Now, Gary and I are sitting on my back porch enjoying the warm spring day...well I think i'm enjoying it more than he is. He doesn't understand why I like sitting outside.

Peace to all of you! God bless.
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19 April 2009

A half-clean sofa

This is a picture of my newly cleaned sofa cushions. I wish I could take the non-cushion part off to clean it too! As you can see, cleaning the removable cushion covers did a world of good for my poor old sofa! I really like my sofa...it's just old and a little dirty. I think I'm going to call stanley steamers to come out and clean the thing soon. Then I would really like to order a custom made cover for it! Probably before I go home for the wedding!

I'M GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN 100 DAYS!! That's hard to belive!

in addition to that, I have

11 more days of anatomy lab

16 days left until I'm considered a VM2 and FINISHED WITH ANATOMY!

Exciting things!

The wedding blog has been updated too so check it out!

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14 April 2009


This was the first Easter I ever spent away from my family. I've always gone down to Uncle Bo and Papa's house, but this year I just couldn't make it! So..I made all my friends exchange Easter baskets (Dirty Santa style) and called Basket Bunny Bandit. Silly right? Then we dyed Easter eggs. See all the cups? Haha...they went a little crazy buying kits! BTW Eastre was a pagan holiday celebrated by the Saxons. The bunny was a symbol of the goddess of spring, Eastre. And bunnies are, as you know, famous for their...erm...fertility. Eggs have long been a symbol of rebirth, and reminder of creation for various ancient culutres before Jesus walked the earth. Christians came along and incorporated these things to make converting easier. Afterall...why join Christians if all you see them doing is ruining your celebrations? I'm not really sure what the point of that sidenote was, but it's good to be aware that some of the customs we celebrate on Easter have nothing to do with Christ's resurection. Of course, I don't associate dyeing eggs and the Easter Bunny with false gods and pagan worship anymore. I just like spending time with my friends and opportunity to express a little creativity! Anyway, I celebrated Easter with some friends and we had a nice time. I couldn't convince them to come to church with me on Sunday morning, but maybe someday they'll come! I certainly hope so.

Peace out.

Lots of pretty colors!

Gary thought the eggs smelled yummy.

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12 April 2009

Were you visited by the Easter Bunny?

I eated the bunny and grew ears!

Noo!! Not the bunnies ears!

Mom, this isn't funny anymore. Please remove bunnies ears. I sorry.

Happy Easter!!!!!
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05 April 2009

My (messy) apartment

This is the dresser I bought although the color doesn't show up well in pictures.

You can see the other dresser and a bit of the end table. Gary is sad we don't have company anymore :(

Now I'm sitting enjoying the last of my weekend. I should be studying, but I'm watching Father of the Bride instead. Hahaha...why are they buying brand new suits? Couldn't you rent them in the 90s? And did they say $250 a head...or ahead? Geeze!

In this particular scene Annie is calling the wedding off because the fiance bought her a blender. Haha! I hope I don't act so silly about this whole wedding thing!
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Gentle Doctor Benefit

Amy's necklace was a popular jewelry item :) I made her make me one just like it...otherwise I might have spent some money...

I admit to buying my two favorite pieces of Debbie's work. Haha...the fall day picture (not picture) and the pink flower one pictured above. I also won a 1 night stay in the Crescent Hotel and 4 passes to a wildlife refuge also in Eureka springs

My parents and I had a nice time...

Ok my "speech" wasn't fun, but I didn't stutter or stumble over words. The best part is...it's over.
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01 April 2009

Cake Design!!

This is the picture of the cake design Blue Cake company made for me. It's pretty!
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