02 March 2009

Happy Thoughts

Feeling happy is good. Things that make me happy in no particular order...

-Couple's Counseling
- My Little Pony
-The hope that I will get to continue in vet school
- Family
-Learning (just not anything anatomy related)

Finally...although I'm still hopeful it won't be necessary. Plan B = Peace Corps.
What better time to do peace corps if this whole vet school thing doesn't work out. They have special married couple assignments too. They give you pay, living expenses, transportation to and from your assignment, and loan deferment for the time you serve. You have to be married for at least one year before you can go as a coupled though...So I'd probably get a job and pay off some loans first. A free trip to a foreign country and volunteering! That sounds awesome! I miss having time to volunteer.

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