13 March 2009

Happy Friday!

This is pretty much the opposite of what my weekend plans are...unless you count my habit of drinking lots of water when I'm stressed or studying. The X eyes are from fatigue. Ok..so I'm trying to keep up with material this semester and keep a positive attitude...it's really hard to stay positive though. I studied for hours this week trying to learn immunology, but it didn't seem to help on the quiz. Darn quiz....I swear the stuff he asked wasn't in the notes. I really wanted to like this class too. STINK!!

My plans for tomorrow:
-Yard sale
-study anatomy
-study immunology
-Study epidemiology
-study endocrinology
-study anatomy
-do laundry
-unload dishes

The good news is anatomy ends in 2 months. YEAH!! The bad news is I can feel this instructional period already starting to get out of hand. BUT I just have to take one day at a time and I'll make it through. Pretty sure God put me here for a reason, and He'll see me through.
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