31 March 2009

Back to the Daily Grind...

So it's back to the chaos and stress that is vet school. However, this semester is already leaps and bounds better than last semester. I'm not sure if my spirits are higher because my grades or better, or my grades are better because my spirits are higher. Either way, I feel much more at peace this semester than last semester.

I made myself a salad with mandarin oranges and Asian sesame seed dressing, steak, and a potato. I also packed salads for the rest of the week so maybe eating some health food will help me do better at school too.

And here is the obligatory Gary picture for the day. He has not been amused by the ear cleanings, applying ear drops, and shoving antibiotics down his throat lately. Brushing his teeth isn't a particularly enjoyable pastime either. He's rather irritated with the whole bit. If aha...if he'd just take the pills in peanut butter, I wouldn't have to shove them down his throat. That's life for you!
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