15 February 2009

Valentine's Day

Isn't it cute?? I'm going to go buy more little bags tomorrow. :) They turned out really cute. I might get some fatter ribbon though...and I still don't know what I'm going to put in them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day! My parents and Chase visited me in CoMo. Friday evening, my parents and I went dress shopping. We were right on time for our 4 o'clock appointment at The Villager on Broadway, and a friendly clerk greeted us and took us upstairs. I tried on some of my favorites from last visit, some discount dresses for dad, and some new ones that looked pretty. One of their new arrivals in particular caught my attention. They had two samples of this dress... one of which was my size. As soon as I tried it on, I realized it was probably "the dress." They said it was unusual to have 2 dresses of the same style, so they offered to sell me the one I tried on right off the shelf. It fit perfectly, and even fit in length. It's a lovely, ivory color that looks good against my pale skin and enough detail mixed with simplicty that it is a really elegant gown. I tried jewelry and veil too. Then we caught dinner at a local sushi place. However, I still wanted mom to see the dress at David's that I really liked.

Saturday morning we head off to David's. I tried on the dress I loved so much there....it was too short. Even the other customers sitting nearby said it just wouldn't work... If I ordered a tall it would come in no earlier than 1 month before the wedding. I was a little nervous about that. So we went back to the Villager to try on the other dress again. Upon my second examination, I determined that the David's dress was of inferior quality...and I really love the Villager dress. It has much nicer hymns and beads etc. I dont' look an oversized wedding cake in it. So we bought the veil, the shoes, the jewelry, and the dress all in one go. We must be crazy...or just dead set on supporting local business and personally ensuring the rise of the economy. I'm sure the veil and the jewelry are not worth what we paid, but it all looked so good together. The veils looks like it was made to match the dress. They'll dye the shoes to match my dress, and they'll store the dress for as long as I need them too then steam it for me when I pick it up for the wedding.

It feels good to have everything done. My dress will probably need minimum alterations which I intend on getting done really soon. My weight doesn't really fluctuate much...although I will be joining my friend Beth in the gym more.

Valentine's day... My dad and Chase went birding on Valentines while mom and I were buying my dress. OH! I also got my ring back from getting sized! It was like Christmas. For valentines I bought Chase a bag of little lego shaped candies. He bought me a "vet school survival kit"- a tackle box fully equipped with immunity stimulating vitamins, zantac, a shot glass, lots of chocolate, a new key chain clip thingy, boston baked beans (the candies), chips, trailmix, note cards, staples, pencil lead, tissues, whoppers, mints, and....*drumroll please* my favorite lipgloss in the right brand and color. I'm not sure if anyone else in the world knows what kind of lip gloss I wear. Yup...it's pretty amazing he knows that much about me. There isn't a single thing in that box that I don't like. Most are my favorites.

Now I have to convince myself that passing my first year of vet school *is* important. I should be studying right now. Mostly I just wish Chase hadn't left ..although if he were here I'd have to put my veil and jewelry back in my closet (they are setting on my bed now). As it is I really need to study for tomorrow.

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