09 February 2009

Bronchitis (?) vs. Z-pack

Although it's pretty, this is not the dress I'll be getting...I just needed a filler picture.

Today I filled my prescription for azithromycin. Maybe I can finally start feeling better. Ack...the doctor said it was either bronchitis or mild asthma that's causing my persistant cough. I'm hoping for bronchitis that can be whipped with this medicine. It's too late for me to pull up my grades this semester, but it will be good to feel better. So I'll take it. This semester has been somewhat brutal. I don't think it's necessarily more difficult, but I've stuggled more. Starting out newly engaged and sick certainly doesn't make for a good start. I think the worst is over for this semester.

This weekend I'm hoping to buy "the dress." I have pictures of me trying on the one I want, but I can't post them because Chase reads my blog. :) The honeymoon's a surprise for me, so the dress is a surprise for him. Fair is fair. The dress I want is a good bit out of our price range, but I'm fine sacrificing the cake....or at least getting a Sam's sheet cake (which is probably my favorite tasting cake anyway) and shoving my cake topper on it.

In the long run, I want my wedding to include...
  1. A meaningful, elegant ceremony. Pastor Paul will be performing it, because he knew Chase and me since we were dating. That's actually how Chase and I became close friends. He needed a ride to church, and I needed a church. So we went together starting somewhere in the middle of my freshman year until he graduated. Even while we both dating other people, we still went to church together.
  2. Everyone I love and hold dear to celebrate with us.
  3. Photos...lots of them...and I want the rights to use them digitally.
  4. Chase and I to look nice in said pictures since we'll be looking at them for the rest of our lives. I also want my attendants to look good and feel comfortable.
  5. Pretty flowers.
  6. Tasty cake.

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Anna said...

There will be an official wedding cake, too.... money on it already!

Katie said...

Yeah I know. I'm just teasing :) I've got a bunch of pictures of cakes I like.