18 December 2008

It's a Hard Life

Apparently, Gary has a hard life. I wonder what he's dreaming with that little grin on his face. The pillows Brooke and Linda gave him are apparently very comfy.

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13 December 2008

Finals Week

Credits in the Sweete Shoppe.

Finals start on Tuesday. At this point, I'm about ready to say "Que sera, sera" It's a little late at this point. I either know it or I don't. I'm pretty secure in my grades to pass all of my classes. Does it really matter beyond that? I'm just ready for a break...I think everyone is so on edge in my class there's a high potential for drama. SO introvert-mode is kicking in. They want to go in to the lab, but I only need a %40 to keep my C in anatomy...and that's all I want. So I don't think going in will help me all that much. Chase should be here within the next 2 hours! I'm excited about that!!
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12 December 2008

Cute, huh?

Isn't she cute? Yah. Credits for the layout are in my DST gallery.

Finals are next week. bleh.
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