19 November 2008

Something fun!

I did this a couple of days ago.

The first one and this one will be next to each other.

The groomsmen! I did this one today during Cell Bio. *Sigh*

All the layouts made using Tara Dunstan Products,

Today is a little better than yesterday. However, GI upset, fatigue, and stress don't make for very happy days regardless if today was relatively better than yesterday. Physiology was the only class I was really hoping for an A in...I can feel it slipping out the window.

Lesson for today:


I saw that on a Vet. forum as advice for vet students. It really does have a lot of truth as pessimistic as it sounds. So many of life's frustrations are caused by unrealistic expectations...grades, relationships, restaraunt quality.... I should just be happy with my best I can't do better than that anyway. So why am I stressed out about making As? Even with straight Cs I'll still be a DVM in 3.5 years. Besides in the long scheme of things, none of this really matters. Veterinarians will have to find a new profession in heaven....Maybe I'll be a scrapbooker/photographer.
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