21 November 2008


I'm thinking of adding "It's all in the..." before details :/ hmm.

Well! I made it through the week successfully. I'm passing all of my classes and what more can I ask? Granted I'm not passing with flying colors, but I'm not doing poorly either. I guess straight Bs and one C is pretty good. I shouldn't have any problem making Bs in everything but anatomy. I'd pretty much have to get 100s in Phys and Cell Bio to get an A in those classes...technically possible, but highy unlikely. I have no idea why I'm so hard on myself, but I really do think I will do better next semester :) At least I've learned a little more about how to study!

Mostly, I'm just happy I'm 75% finished with my first year of vet school. I'm staying afloat and as long as I can keep it up (and God is willing to sustain me) then I'll be a vet in 3.5 years! I get to go home tomorow! But tonight...tonight is for fun!
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mrb said...

That would be awesome. Then I could eat pure bone. Haha. Congrats on surviving your first semester of vet school. And, I love the pic of Gary :)