21 November 2008


I'm thinking of adding "It's all in the..." before details :/ hmm.

Well! I made it through the week successfully. I'm passing all of my classes and what more can I ask? Granted I'm not passing with flying colors, but I'm not doing poorly either. I guess straight Bs and one C is pretty good. I shouldn't have any problem making Bs in everything but anatomy. I'd pretty much have to get 100s in Phys and Cell Bio to get an A in those classes...technically possible, but highy unlikely. I have no idea why I'm so hard on myself, but I really do think I will do better next semester :) At least I've learned a little more about how to study!

Mostly, I'm just happy I'm 75% finished with my first year of vet school. I'm staying afloat and as long as I can keep it up (and God is willing to sustain me) then I'll be a vet in 3.5 years! I get to go home tomorow! But tonight...tonight is for fun!
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20 November 2008

25 hours to go for thanksgiving break!

Credits in DST

Lunch break is over! :( :( :(

Pet peeves...I hate it when people cheat at the praise game. GRRRR
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Is it Friday yet?

This morning after trying to study for an hour, I took a break and made this :) I'm so tired! I just want tomorrow to be over with! I don't know how well I'm going to do tomorrow, but I can give it my best shot. I really just want it to be finished...
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19 November 2008

Something fun!

I did this a couple of days ago.

The first one and this one will be next to each other.

The groomsmen! I did this one today during Cell Bio. *Sigh*

All the layouts made using Tara Dunstan Products,

Today is a little better than yesterday. However, GI upset, fatigue, and stress don't make for very happy days regardless if today was relatively better than yesterday. Physiology was the only class I was really hoping for an A in...I can feel it slipping out the window.

Lesson for today:


I saw that on a Vet. forum as advice for vet students. It really does have a lot of truth as pessimistic as it sounds. So many of life's frustrations are caused by unrealistic expectations...grades, relationships, restaraunt quality.... I should just be happy with my best I can't do better than that anyway. So why am I stressed out about making As? Even with straight Cs I'll still be a DVM in 3.5 years. Besides in the long scheme of things, none of this really matters. Veterinarians will have to find a new profession in heaven....Maybe I'll be a scrapbooker/photographer.
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18 November 2008

Party Crashing

There's nothing like a spiritual slap from good ole A. W. Tozer to crash even the biggest of pity parties.

"Lord, make me childlike. Deliver me from the urge to compete with another for place or prestige or position. I would be simple and artless as a little child. Deliver me from pose and pretense. Forgive me for thinking of myself. Help me to forget myself and find my true peace in beholding Thee. That Thou may answer this prayer I humble myself before Thee. Lay upon me Thy easy yoke of self-forgetfullness that through it I may find rest

-prayer from Tozer's The Pursuit of God: the Human Thirst for the Divine

Grades are unimportant. All my well made plans are worthless. Hopes and dreams are meaningless unless my gaze is toward the Father.
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Slow it down

I guess I'm supposed to slow down a little. I'm definitely bordering on a stomach bug... No fun, but at least there hasn't been any throwing up. You can't study while vomiting...but you can if you are....well, I'll just leave it at that. *clicks heels together* There's no place like home...there's no place like home.....there's no place like home. Guess it doesn't work.....
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17 November 2008


Today I'm feeling pretty down. I feel as if one more quiz or lecture or anything vet school related is added to this week, I'm going to sit in the floor and cry. That's right...sit in the middle of whatever hallway/room/bathroom I happen to be in and cry. Meanwhile, the part of my brain that's not engaged in throwing myself a pity party will sit there and actively remind me that I chose to be here...it's a blessing to be here...this really is fun. I must be sick...this is the first time I felt like this all semester. My stomach is upset today plus I've just been so thirsty and tired. That must be it...I'm normally not such a kill joy, and I know God will see me through. Today is one of those two steps forward and one step back days. So I think I'll go to bed early so it will end already...


Here's a layout from vacation last summer :) Of course using La Di Da products (Tara Dunstan).
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16 November 2008

Tara's GONE CRAZY!!!!

If you want to get into scrapbooking now is the time! I can't believe Tara put her whole store for only $25! Crazy...

Check out this gorgeous new kit! Bleh! I just want my tests to be over :)
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My Christmas Wishlist..yeah...I'm being selfish

Items < 20$

Items <50$>20%)

Items > 100$

I couldn't get the external flash (SB-400) to show up in Picasa. it's the weirdest thing. The bottom picture represents a dental for Gary.
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14 November 2008


Today is movie night!!! I'm really happy :) A group of vet students are going to just hang out and watch movies and eat! FANTASTIC!! Ok...the evening is slightly dampened by the fact one of my teachers sprung a quiz on us that we have to do on our own time before midnight....but I'm thinking I won't study...so get it over with!

Gary thinks I'm an idiot for not sleeping more...

I did end up buying a sweater and a pair of pants. I probably shouldn't have...but I really like the outfit. The silky undershirt has little white polka dots. I think it's cute!
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13 November 2008

New Sweater

I shouldn't buy any of these either...but I like them as well.

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New Jacket

I would like a cute jacket... Ah.. but no money. I really *shouldn't* buy one. They're all from New York

I really like this one :)

This one is really pretty too

This is kinda cool!
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Something not vet school related!

Last night, I worked out. Yeah...something other than vet school studying!! It was wonderful! I forgot how good it feels to actually use my muscles (as shrunken as they've become since beginning the school year). As much as I'd like to call it venous pooling, the expansion of my behind is b/c of a postive caloric balance...Although an hour in the gym isn't going to do much for 6 weeks sitting on my rear all day and studying, it was nice to actually do something other than study. And today during lunch I did a scrapbook layout! It's a sneak peak of a new collaborative kit Tara Dunstan and JanaM (from ShabbyPickle) released today ! You can pick it up at La-Di-Da designs!
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12 November 2008

Layout!! Gary :)

Looky what I made with Charlize's kit :) I'm rather pleased with the way it came out. Credits are in DST gallery :)

I'm so tired of studying! but I think i understand this material fairly well :)
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11 November 2008

Staying afloat

Check out this new kit at La Di Da (link to side). It's really cute...I have an idea for it, but no time to do it now! Haha...such is life.

Well...I'm actually in good shape in all of my classes..I'm far from an A student, but I'm probably going to make a 3.0 or something close. I think my goal in vet school will be to keep over a 3.0 :) It sounds like a manageable goal! Test tomorrow then I can rest for the week...a little.
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10 November 2008

This week

Well I'm in good shape for a C in Anatomy...it's not even impossible for me to get a B...unlikely, but not imposible. If I quit now I'd have a D which means I would progress to the next semester. Never give up! Never surrender!

Only one quiz and a histo test to go! I want to do well in Histo...so i'm hitting it hard core tomorrow!
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07 November 2008

I is deer now?

I is deer now. Plz lets me sleeps.
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05 November 2008