01 October 2008

This time last year

<--october br="" last="" year="">This time last year, I was going on weekend hikes with Chase, going out with friends, watching movies, scrapbooking more. :) This year I'm stuck studying in doors a lot, but today I studied on the deck. If I had a table and a chair out there I think I would study out side more, but it was nice just sitting on a blanket with Gary. He's a good dog - sits quietly while I study. I'm feeling a lot better about school. All of my classes are very challenging, and I wish I was doing better in half of them...but I'm managing. I'm passing. Including quiz grades, I have 2 Bs and 2 As...and that's nothing to be ashamed of :) I've been really whiny about it lately which isn't at all the attitude I should have about vet school. There are a lot of students who would have love to have been here, but I was blessed enough to be offered admittance to vet school. God has blessed me exceedingly. I'm thankful for the opportunity to become a veterinarian, my friends (old and new), Chase, and my supportive family. My life is full of blessings, and I shouldn't let the challenge of vet school obscure that fact. Peace and joy to all of you!
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