25 September 2008

Week 5 layout!=

Of course I used mostly Tara Dunstan products for this (because she's the best designer out there). Full Credits in DST

I'm about to run off to the anatomy lab today. I hate anatomy! I like the lecture part ok...but then the actually memorizing every single structure just seems ridiculous and overwhelming. It looks like I'm more of a physiologist than an anatomist. From what I can tell, the two groups don't always get along. My physiology professors are always saying something along the lines of "well, here's the physiology lesson in anatomy" and this is normally only a summary of structure instead of the in depth crap I have to learn in anatomy. Ugh...looks like I'm not going to be an orthapedic surgeon (not that I wanted to). But who knows...maybe I'll catch on to this anatomy stuff yet...
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