04 September 2008

The Thoracic Limb

Do I really need to know every little bump (tuberosity)? It just seems like so much material. I'm not sure if I can fit it all in my brain! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I can catch up over the weekend and focus on my courses under control. I'm starting to wonder if it is possible to keep up with classes in vet school. I think feeling behind is just a part of my new life as a vet student. I'm really not sure if I can study any more tonight. My brain has had it for the night! But this is what I have always wanted to do, so I'm enjoying it despite all of the studying. I think I'll like it better when I'm out of anatomy. One of my friends gave this explanation...As a pre-vet student you are thirsty for knowledge of veterinary science...vet school is like trying to take a drink out of a fire hose at full blast.

Unfortunately the first of my rabies shots is tomorrow. Anatomy quiz + shot....fabulous.

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Phobos said...

And look at what happened! My amazing little vet student aced her quiz and took her shot like a pro. :D

I love my little vet student.

<3 Chase