23 September 2008

This Week

So it's almost Wednesday, and despite my solemn vows to keep up with material this week...I find myself just getting behind again! Monday night I went to Wal-mart and cooked dinner. Tonight I did my bible study stuff. When you get out of class at 5, it makes it hard to fit everything in the evening. I need to go to bed at ten in order to stay awake through my classes. That leaves only 5 hours for walking and feeding Gary, taking a shower, cooking dinner, and eating. 5 hours goes by so quickly! GEEZE...how can I fit everything I want to do in one evening??

In other news, I rocked my physio test. Phyiology is one of those things that makes sense. Thank goodness something in vet school does!

1 comment:

phobos said...

Aaaa aa aa aaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooo oo oo ooooooooooo eeeeeee ooooo aaaaaaaaayyyyy

(my solemn vowels of the night) :p