28 September 2008


Smoker wasn't near what the 2nd years made it out to be. We didn't really get hazed, but there was a lot of beer. They sat the first years down and showed some slide shows, poked fun at our professors, and passed out beer after beer. I only drank one, which tasted roughly of watery bread. Gross.... After the video, everyone went outside and smoked cigars. They gave bubble gum cigars to everyone who refused to smoke (ie...me and some friends). However those that did smoke and drink....Some of my classmates were pretty trashed. I suppose Saturday wasn't the best of days for them. Before I left Smoker, someone was already throwing up in the bathroom...and the tradition of someone stripping at Smoker had been upheld (BLEH!!). There are some people who are going to be mad at themselves when classmates show them pictures of what they did. Just say no! Poor kids...

Bubble Gum cigars

Chase came! Yay!

My lab group!

It's a fun group.
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