26 September 2008


Here's another layout using Tara Dunstan products. I still need to upload it to DST, but I can't make up my mind if it's finished or not. Mostly used the So Tweet Kit..also Colourful Coasters, Chalky Checks (alpha), and Another White Alpha. Font is of course DJBkatieM.

I'm so happy it's Friday! This week wasn't bad at all, but I feel behind again! I'm starting to think it's impossible to keep up. One DAY of Anatomy puts me WEEKS behind. Studying the heart makes my head spin. However, Chase is coming to visit and that makes it all better....hehe...except I won't get as much done this weekend. Tonight is Smoker....I suppose if it's not to traumatic I'll blog about it later. I'm not really looking foward to it, but they (the ambigous they) tell the us (the VM1 students) it isn't that bad....
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