15 September 2008


So how did my anatomy test work out today? Well I studied all of Saturday and Sunday and I think I squeaked by with a passing grade, but not much better (C maybe?). The lab part was more difficult than I thought, but the lecture was easier. I completely froze on the muscles of the lower limb...deep digital flexor, extensor carpi radialis....yuck they all blended together. Unfortunately most of the test consisted of naming those darn things. I don't know how I did on those, but I don't expect to recieve a good grade on the practical. The lecture I know I made at least a C..so that means I'm in good shape for passing anatomy. I think I'll do better on the next anatomy exam. Although I didn't do as well as I would like on the first one, I learned from my mistakes. Next time I'll keep up w/ the lecture and be more aggressive learning structures in the lab. Now to move on to the next exam on Wednesday....Microanatomy. I'm just glad I don't have to have a rabies shot this Friday too! It would stink to have to have a rabies shot on my birthday!

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