10 August 2008

Planned Abandonment

Well, I'm officially moved into my new apartment. It was a family effort so we made quick work of it. Of course some time will be needed to really get settled in, but I'm off to a great start. Thanks family and Chase!

Dad helping with the dishes.

I'm assembling a toilet paper holder.

George is assembling a shelf.

Mom's helping with my computer desk.

So here I am...just me and Gary. My family departed my new place almost an hour ago. I guess this is what parents raise their children to do - leave home and set off on their own adventures and write thier own life stories. As they left me waving in the parking lot, I felt a little sad. But a las...this is what I've been working for most of my life. Besides, it's not really premeditated abandonment, because I know I can always depend on my family wherever life takes me. I think Gary is going to have a harder time than I will. He's been licking his paws, moving from room to room (movement is generally unusual for Gary), and not eating his full 6 cups of dog food per day. It'll take some time for us to adjust. I can't wait for Anna to move in too :)
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Phobos said...

aww...we didn't abandon you... <3

You'll be fine up there, especially after Anna gets there. I wish there were more of your friends up there, though. Maybe a year from now Brooke and I can move up there and flutter around. :)