16 August 2008

Little Squirt...

This little guy sits there half the day - guarding his precious feeder from other hummers.

Anna officially moved in today - furniture and all. Of course none of it is put away yet, but I'm sure we'll work on as soon as we can. Meanwhile, I've been completely engrossed in a book...more so than I have been in awhile. It's really quite thrilling in a mindless summer read sort of way. I'm reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyers. I read the first one yesterday, and the second one today - over 1000 pages total. Funny how quickly fiction books read. I bet I won't pour through my vet school books half so quickly. I'm debating now going to get the third. The poor heroine in the store finds herself madly in love with a vampire of all creatures who ironically falls in love with her. He constantly battles between his desire to love her... and his desire to eat her. I can't say much more than that, but their story complicates as a werewolf, a vampire's mortal enemy, falls for the same girl. How will she cope? Yeah...I think I just talked myself into the third book... After that though, I must live frugally....However, I'm not going to eat the same spaghetti I've eaten the past 3 days. Bleh...time for something new to eat.
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