10 August 2008

First Night...

Here's a layout I did awhile ago for Tara but haven't posted it yet.

I'm about to crawl into bed for my first night alone at the new place. I really can't wait for Anna to get here! Brooke called me today. I've been trying to reach her for the past three days, but she's been really ill. She's on the mend and thinks she might visit me at the end of the week. That would be fabulous. I wish she could be here now... I wish she lived in a third bedroom. Yup quit UA and come here!

Apartment observations...
-I have the hottest room in the house....probably b/c of the windows.
-my floors are very crooked.
-my oven is very old...and the stove burners are crooked.
-microwaves are handy little things
-I enjoy having cable television...
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Phobos said...

I'm really wishing I had the cable television about now.

And you know all those crooked floors and such? That just gives your apartment character. ^_^ It will get annoying about 2 months from now and 2 months after that, it will suddenly pass through that and become almost endearing. At least, that's what sometimes happens with me. :)