28 August 2008


Anatomy no longer scares me...it absolutely terrifies me. 200+ structures in one week just in the dog....plus many of those are muscles with origins, insertions, and innervations...we're doing the dog and the cat simulataneously. How am I going to learn all of this??
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27 August 2008

Vet School Week one

1. There is more material than my brain can hold or that I could ever hope to study thoroughly in the time given.
2. The capacity of my brain must be stretched through daily study...make that constant study from sunrise to sunset with breaks to walk and feed Gary and feed myself.
3. Previously used study techniques applied in college are no longer applicable do to sheer volume of information and time constraints.
4. I thought the bones had too many names...Oh..the muscles....the muscles... I will be carrying my box of bones, text books, and notes home this weekend. I wonder...are dog bones allowed in carry-on luggage?
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25 August 2008

First day of vet school...my new best friend

Meet my new best friend...my handy, dandy box of dog bones. I'll spend hours staring at bones and naming every minute notch, bump, and groove on them. I should come up with a name for him (or her). How about...Christopher. Yup that will work. Christopher my skeleton dog.

My first day of vet school wasn't too bad. I only have anatomy to study tonight. Cell bio and physiology didn't worry me, but microanatomy (histology) and anatomy will both be difficult.
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20 August 2008

More V.E.T.

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More VET - High Ropes

I honestly didn't think I was even going to make it up the rock wall.

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More fun at V.E.T.

I fell off the 2nd platform...so the guide took me back to the first platform and made me do the entire challenge blindfolded. We weren't allowed to touch the ground and the course was probably over 200 feet. My group was absolutely wonderful.

Then we moved on to the lakefront fun!

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V.E.T. - teambuilding....love my group!

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16 August 2008

Little Squirt...

This little guy sits there half the day - guarding his precious feeder from other hummers.

Anna officially moved in today - furniture and all. Of course none of it is put away yet, but I'm sure we'll work on as soon as we can. Meanwhile, I've been completely engrossed in a book...more so than I have been in awhile. It's really quite thrilling in a mindless summer read sort of way. I'm reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyers. I read the first one yesterday, and the second one today - over 1000 pages total. Funny how quickly fiction books read. I bet I won't pour through my vet school books half so quickly. I'm debating now going to get the third. The poor heroine in the store finds herself madly in love with a vampire of all creatures who ironically falls in love with her. He constantly battles between his desire to love her... and his desire to eat her. I can't say much more than that, but their story complicates as a werewolf, a vampire's mortal enemy, falls for the same girl. How will she cope? Yeah...I think I just talked myself into the third book... After that though, I must live frugally....However, I'm not going to eat the same spaghetti I've eaten the past 3 days. Bleh...time for something new to eat.
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My Room

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14 August 2008

My kitchen

My table (and dinner)

Well, I am almost settled into my new apartment. So far it has been very nice. I think we'll have the place looking bright and cheery in no time. Gary and I will be just fine. Today was a nice slow paced day... I made myself tuna for lunch and spaghetti for dinner and spent most of my day watching tv and scrapbooking :) As soon as school starts free time is most likely going to disappear so I'm enjoying it now.
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10 August 2008

First Night...

Here's a layout I did awhile ago for Tara but haven't posted it yet.

I'm about to crawl into bed for my first night alone at the new place. I really can't wait for Anna to get here! Brooke called me today. I've been trying to reach her for the past three days, but she's been really ill. She's on the mend and thinks she might visit me at the end of the week. That would be fabulous. I wish she could be here now... I wish she lived in a third bedroom. Yup quit UA and come here!

Apartment observations...
-I have the hottest room in the house....probably b/c of the windows.
-my floors are very crooked.
-my oven is very old...and the stove burners are crooked.
-microwaves are handy little things
-I enjoy having cable television...
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Cockroaching Greyhound

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Planned Abandonment

Well, I'm officially moved into my new apartment. It was a family effort so we made quick work of it. Of course some time will be needed to really get settled in, but I'm off to a great start. Thanks family and Chase!

Dad helping with the dishes.

I'm assembling a toilet paper holder.

George is assembling a shelf.

Mom's helping with my computer desk.

So here I am...just me and Gary. My family departed my new place almost an hour ago. I guess this is what parents raise their children to do - leave home and set off on their own adventures and write thier own life stories. As they left me waving in the parking lot, I felt a little sad. But a las...this is what I've been working for most of my life. Besides, it's not really premeditated abandonment, because I know I can always depend on my family wherever life takes me. I think Gary is going to have a harder time than I will. He's been licking his paws, moving from room to room (movement is generally unusual for Gary), and not eating his full 6 cups of dog food per day. It'll take some time for us to adjust. I can't wait for Anna to move in too :)
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