21 July 2008

Four Eyes

I bought two new glasses today. It was cheaper to buy two than just one (Success Vision Express 2 for $99). The other pair is a black wire square set. I really like the red ones. I only need them to read the board in classroom and help me read signs while driving at night.

I'm working at Westrock again. I've really enjoyed it this year although Dr. LaVergne goes on more trips than last year. The staff is pleasant to work with, and my hours are exactly what I wanted. 8-4 Monday through Friday. No weekends. No closing. Almost all vet assistant work with little kennel or receptionist work. AND I got a raise. Dr. Travis is the newest vet to join the Westrock team. So far she has been a pleasure to work with. She will practice on exotic animals that normal dog and cat vets will not so I've been able to help treat ferrets and bunnies. Ferrets are odd little creatures. There hearts are lower in their little bodies than I expected. To restrain a ferret you simply hold by the scruff and let its body dangle. I feel like I should support it's bottom half, but some ferrets will use that as a springboard to escape. Odd, stinky creatures.
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Phobos said...

You look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with glasses...