04 May 2008

YouTube and other thoughts

People are so rude on YouTube. Horrible language, atrocious grammar, and appalling spelling. For heaven's sake, people should at least try not to sound like uneducated idiots before posting something publicly. Whining and moaning about something doesn't help anything. I'm sure there are greyhound racing facilities which are cruel to racers, but I don't believe this is the majority. I can't imagine a skittish, malnourished dog would earn breeders much money. There are an awful lot of sensational images of animal cruelty floating around on the internet designed to make the viewer believe every greyhound has been cruelly mistreated which is simply not true. I'm not saying abuse doesn't happen or even that I support racing. I'm simply saying hasty generalizations should not be made about every greyhound racing facility. Geeze people... if you want to help racing greyhounds you can do a couple of things. 1. Don't bet on them racing 2. Adopt a retired racer 3. Donate money to Greyhound rescue organizations. I don't see how inaccurate, sensational videos help.

Anyway, it's truly hard to find accurate information on what really occurs in the Greyhound racing industry. there's a lot of misinformation tinged with exaggeration. I know however that many - probably thousands of greyhounds are euthanized each year. I truly wish that only responsible breeders and trainers were allowed to race greyhounds and that every retired racer is adopted. I'm very glad I get to save a retired racer (well if they approve my application). I should be hearing from them within the next week!

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