02 April 2008

Sweet Corn, Cowpeas, Okra, Cucumbers, and Good Health

My brother's recovery is going well. Today I hear that our parents took him to Olive Garden where he enjoyed a shrimp and pasta plate. So his appetite is good :) The meeting with his teachers went well too - they were concerned about him just as good teachers should be. I'm glad he's feeling better, and I hope his recovery continues to improve. Sunday was so scary! Thank you to all who prayed for him and visited! Truly, the kiddo is so loved and blessed!

Today was a good day for me. First there was the Celebrating our Seniors in the Union...free t-shirt, free lunch, and free career fair junk. I found a service opportunity that might interest my bro. It sounded neat, and they seemed really excited he liked birding (really, really excited). I'm dropping the brochure in the mail tomorrow. I think he should at least email the lady in charge for some more details. Oh, the shirt is pretty neat too. It's gray and says on the front, "U of A Graduate" and on the back, "My name's on Senior Walk 2008" Yeah baby! How cool is that. My class is going to be on the bend of the Greek Theater (look for it in 2 years, George!!). So yay free shirt. Then tonight was the Ag. Senior Dinner. We had the standard tacos, brief speeches...and all received traveling mugs. Fun. But now for the good part! Guess who won the grand door prize of a $100 Visa gift card! That's right! ME! I'm not sure I've ever one a door prize before! So I promptly went out and blew it. I bought 2 books (Marley and Me and The Other End of the Leash), and 3 DVDs. The first one is a triple feature with All Dogs Go to Heaven, Rock-A-Doodle, and The Secret of Nimh. Yes...three classics I grew up watching on TV, daycare, and elementary school. I'm pretty excited about them, because I haven't seen them in ages! Ah, the nostalgic feeling old cartoons bring. Then I also bought Disney's Pocahontas, another cartoon classic. I had a hard time deciding between Pocahontas and Robin Hood. 101 Dalmations is out of the vault too! So many good Disney movies. Yes, I admit...it's a very mature selection. The final DVD I purchased is Cars. I was reluctant to watch this movie at first, but it surpassed my expectations. It's a wonderful movie about the effect of the modern 70 mph freeways on old highways (route 66) and towns. I love Cars. It sort of reminds me of 71 coming up to Fayetteville. This bendy road runs parallel to 540 so most people take 540, but there are some beautiful scenic areas and cool cabins along 71. The road itself is worth the drive it's so crooked and at times steep! I also bought a b-day present for Megann and some stuff for the brother (which will be in the mail soon).

Anyway, I'm very excited about the summer. I bought some seeds I would like to plant when I get back to the house. I bought sweet corn, cowpeas, okra, cucumber, and some more gourd seeds. I'm going to try to plant the corn first and grow the peas on the corn stalks. I can't remember which culture used to do this. I've read though that sweet corn doesn't produce strong enough stalks, but I'm going to try it anyway. I thought about growing a pumpkin too - just one plant. I guess I'll plant some gourds too. Hmm...I might run out of dirt though... Ah. I need my own plot o' dirt.

AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I'm graduating college!!!! AAAAAH!!!!

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