28 April 2008

Rusty - Family Dog #3

Yes, that's right...we now have three dogs. Our neighbors aren't around much to care for their doggy...They had been gone for about a week and little Rusty stayed over in our yard with our dogs because he was so lonely...

Sunday, George and I gave all three dogs a bath and let him in our house watching him carefully.

Haha, right after the bath I saw that the neighbors were finally home. So I picked up the little squirt and carried him next door.

They offered us the dog...and we all know how good my parents are at saying no to a dog. Rusty is a cute name...but I think Stinker is a better name!

I can't believe we have 3 dogs! Now the question is...should I wait to get my hound or should I just add one more dog to the household?


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