20 April 2008

Mizzou Adventures

We traveled to Mizzou for my family to check out the school and for me and Anna to find an apartment. I'm pretty excited about having Anna as a roommate now. It' will be good for my greyhound to have another person to socialize with :D :D :D :D Here will all are with our new Mizzou CVM shirts! Haha...we'll always be razorbacks at heart though.

George photographing a bird with his new, awesome camera. Skinny kiddo....

Mom snapped a picture of me :) T-shirt, jeans, and my boots = standard attire

Funny story... We stayed a regular old hotel the first night. It was old and a bit run down, but a safe place to sleep ^_^ The second night we drove to the Lake of the Ozarks and stayed in a timeshare condo. The lady at the front desk told us upon our arrival, "We're sorry, but they've overbooked us. SO you've been upgraded to the 3-bedroom penthouse. It has it's own private hot tub on the deck overlooking the lake." SWEET!!!! It was pretty awesome. Haha, they even provided matching bathrobes!

In other news, the mission was accomplished. I think everyone liked Mizzou, and we found an apartment that has 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms for $550 per month. The guy seemed pretty nice, and even waived the pet fee for us! Our apartment is right next to a big park!
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Rosa said...

Hello! My sister will be starting grad school @ Mizzou this fall, and is looking for an apt. where she can have her German Shepherd. Would you be willing to share info about your apt. building? Her dog's got Degenerative Myelopathy and is in a chariot. She's having a hard time finding a place that will take large dogs (who, as we know, are much more well-behaved than the tiny ones!) :) Thanks! -Julia