13 April 2008

Here's a layout I did for MerCas Designs using her My Boy kit and new alpha. Credits on my DST gallery...
I'm to the point in the semester where I begin calculating minimum grades required on my upcoming tests to make the grades I want. I suppose it's a rather lazy habit. If I would spend the time studying instead of playing with excel I wouldn't have to worry. Anyway...

For an A...
I need a 93% average on my remaining two cell bio tests. Ouch.
78% on my one remaining genetics test
75% on both remaining physics test

For a B...
90 on one cell bio test, or two 78%
%40 genetics
%50 both physics tests

I think it's safe to say I'm in the clear on everything except for Cell bio. It's the only class I struggle with, but the only class that is interesting this semester. My next physics test is tomorrow, and I haven't cracked a book yet for it. Physics is my least favorite class without question. I'll start studying for it after this post...but I'm really more worried about cell bio. *sigh* I just might end up with a B in that class. Chances are I'll make an A in the rest - maintaining a 3.9 GPA. GEEZE!! this is my last semester of undergraduate! I have only 2 fulls weeks of school left...plus one partial week and a week of tests.

In other news, Anna came over for dinner to talk about apartment stuff. She said she liked my colorful dishes so that's good. I'm so EXCITED ABOUT NEXT YEAR!!! and my GREYHOUND!!!!!!!!!!!
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