20 April 2008


I wanted a change! So blue! I'll have a blue blog for awhile.

GREYHOUND! GREYHOUND!!! GREYHOUND!! I just needed to get that out there!


This is the agency I'll be adopting through! Oh my...there's Pat, Party, Noah (gorgeous!!), Jeb (almost same b-day as me), Endie, Dillon, or Dan. Those are all the "cat safe" ones...which is what I want. Black and whites are my favorites I think, but I'm not picky! I think the fawn colored ones are my least favorites (but a fawn colored one would be fine too). Most of all I want a lovable, friendly couch potato who doesn't have too much of a prey drive. Who I could trust in my apartment all day and enjoy a nice walk in the park next door in the mornings and in the evenings ^_^ I think the not "cat-friendly" greys really need a home more than the others, but as a vet...I'm not sure what fuzzy creatures I'm going to end up with. So I'm not sure an individual with a strong prey drive would be the best for me. But there are some that make my eyes water b/c they need a home so badly...Stormy's description says she'd make a good only dog...which is good. *sigh* I will trust the rescue agency to match me up with my perfect companion though. :D I just can't wait for my greyhound though...


Anonymous said...

Dillon is sure beautiful! I think the cat friend point is probably a good idea, too. Better not get the jumper one though... although, any of them could jump our fence probably.

mom said...

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