22 April 2008

Animal Cruelty and Other Thoughts

Lately there has been a huge debate about the "art" of a Costa Rica artist who allegedly tied a stray dog in an art exhibit until the dog died of starvation. There are so many stories on the internet, it is nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction. Did he actually feed the dog? Did the dog really survive? I don't know. However alarming and disturbing this "art" was, it's served to raise the awareness of millions. Mind you, I don't agree with what the artist did, but the world has enough violence in it. Hopefully instead of lynching the artist, I hope people will instead focus their attention on alleviating the suffering of strays as well as participate in spay and neuter programs. There are stray dogs everywhere...in the United States alone nearly 10 million animals...10,000,000...are euthanized each year. This number could be significantly reduced if owners would responsibly spay and neuter their dogs (except for the exceptional ones). I don't think the US is ever going to reduce this number to zero, but I do believe we can help. It's a sad world we live in these days, but it's not enough to sit back and curse the evil days. What good does sitting on your bum do? If the millions of people who signed the petition against this artist also donated one dollar to saving the strays or a spay/neuter program that would produce amazing results. If we all just sit back and say.."how horrible..how could any human being do something like that?" Nothing will ever get done. Isn't society's lack of action also despicable? Are sins of omission less than sins of commission? I know I am guilty of squandering opportunities to love someone or to help. God calls for us to make the most of every opportunity, and yearns for use to do good to others in His name. It's a sad world we live in, but God's spirit still dwells among us. Therefore there is still good left in the world, and we would do well to make sure the goodness spreads :)

I suppose on a similar note, I was at Chase's apartment today and heard a noise similar to gunshots. Soon after that, we heard sirens that Chase said sounded like they stopped at his apartment. He peeked outside and saw the police taping off an area of his apartment. An ambulance siren was heard leaving the apartment. I checked the police dispatch logs online and saw that there had indeed been a shooting there around 3pm. Scary...I can't believe I heard a shooting. I have no idea what happend, but everyone was just walking around as if nothing happened. It was very strange. 2 hours later on the dispatch log I noticed "suspicious activity" had been reported. The whole business is strange. :(
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