21 March 2008

Tonsils and Lovin' Doggies

I'm am very thankful to say George has no more tonsils and is on his way to recovery. As far as tonsils go, George won the prize according to the surgeon. "He had the biggest tonsils I've seen in many, many years." Poor baby...er...younger brother! Hopefully that will be the last surgery. The next couple of days will be filled with jello, pudding, donuts, and other relatively soft food. I'm very, very thankful the surgery part is finished and George is going to be well in a relatively short time ^_^

While I was in the waiting room I read some more of For the Love of A Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend by Patricia McConnell. It's definitely a worthwhile read for any dog lover.

I believe dogs experience emotion. Yes, our furry companions feel an assortment of emotions, although they lack words to express them. Dogs express their emotions quite differently than humans. A dog shows no deceit, no trickery, no secrets - but wears his emotions openly. Take a good look at the picture below. Not all dogs enjoy a good snuggle, but Luigi gains evident enjoyment from a good hug. Notice how the corner of his mouth curves upward in a gentle smile, his eyes are closed and relaxed. Yup...this is a happy, comfortable dog if I do say so myself. Patricia McConnell's book explains this so well and gives signals to look for, basically a lesson in how to speak Dog. ... Not everyone is meant to have a dog. If you are too busy to take your dogs on walks or even to pet your dog once per day... why don't you just get a lawn ornament that doesn't feel sadness, pain, frustration, or loneliness? A lawn ornament would be a much better fit for your lifestyle. You see, one reason dogs are expressive...one reason they display emotions through visual cues and facial expressions is because dogs are pack animals. Being able to understand how other animals in the pack are feeling is critical for the survival and peace of the pack. Therefore, you better be ready to provide companionship and a "pack" to your dog if you decide to get one. It's very cruel to neglect a dog and deprive him of attention. For heaven's sake...one 10 minute walk would be a great start. I also believe in most cases, dogs should go in the house. That's right, your smelly, just at the neighbor's dog's poop, rolled in the dead squirrel, butt licking dog should go in the house. If you go in the house, that means the pack in is in the house and that's where the dog should be! If you aren't ready for muddy pawprints in the kitchen, you're probably not ready for a dog. It's too easy to neglect and forget about a dog left outside. Dogs are NOT lawn ornaments. They require a daily dose of TLC in addition to exercise, water, and food. Dogs are blessing. If you choose to have one remember that God loves the little animals too. When you place a living creature in your care, you become responsible for it. Its welfare (not necessarily rights...but I'll save that for another rant) should be kept in mind. Responsibility not negligence, compassion not cruelly. Owning a dog a privilege not your right.

A semi related rant...

With everything I just wrote, I believe in euthanasia of suffering animals, but never for humans. When God created mankind, he gave mankind dominion over all animals. He and Adam walked through the garden naming every animal. I imagine being a caretaker of the Garden of Eden or naming every animal were no small tasks. Surely, Adam developed a sense of respect and awe for God's critters. What God has created...man should not torture and neglect, but treat with compassion. Therefore when our beloved, four legged friend life draws close to the end and suffers, I believe it is morally acceptable to humanely euthanize a suffering animal. However, dominion of animals does not warrant unnecessary violence to animals or cruel deaths. It is a matter responsibility. If I'm blessed enough to be allowed to become a veterinarian, I will take my Veterinarian's Oath very seriously indeed. Notice that God did not give man dominion over themselves...God Himself is the caretaker of man. Ultimately, our lives are completely in His hands. We should trust Him completely in the matters of human life and deathorigin: initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: initial" alt="Posted by Picasa" src. He will determine the appropriate time for a human to come to His judgement seat. So while God placed man as the caretaker of animal, God Himself is the caretaker of man.

End Rant.

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