27 February 2008


I finally finished a layout for pure fun!
Kit is by Melissa Bennett (Stupid Cupid) and Oh My Mats. Photo mat by Traci Ann.

I have been steadily researching literature for my thesis. So far, an outline is all that I have finished, but it's a start. Dr. R provided some particularly useful sources I will incorporate into my outline tomorrow. As for research, 30 samples remain that need to be sequenced before I can call the research portion completed. How exciting!

I applied for graduation yesterday. The nostalgia of leaving here is already setting in. Less than 50 days of class remain before graduation. This semester has seemingly flown by at a record speed. I find it hard to believe that I will soon be a college graduate. It's too close to "adult" than I care to think about. Today I filed my FAFSA...as an independent. It feels so strange to be considered an adult...

BOS Update
My weekend plans consisted of eating and eating more. Therefore, Kung Fu yesterday nearly brought tears to my eyes. As it turns out, being a bum has repercussions. My legs and abs still hurt. Yes, I feel the burn. Today we worked shoulders and back muscles on the weight machines. I suppose my arms were feeling a bit left out following Kung Fu, but now they feel quite like the rest of my weakling body...sore! Although, I am unsure wether or not I look different, I feel stronger. Today I touched my toes. I am proud.

Peace and health to all!

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Chase said...

"Today I touched my toes. I am proud."

hahaha <3