06 February 2008

My Delinquency & Buns of Steel. Days 1 and 2.

I just got back from the American Society of Animal Science Southern Section meeting in Dallas. It was a mighty enjoyable trip. I spent some time with Christine and got to know my lab group a little better on Sunday night. Saturday I won 3rd at the undergraduate presentation competition. My thesis project is just that cool. Well maybe not...I'm one of the only undergrads who spoke loudly. Haha! My presentation was not top notch, but I think speaking loudly really helped. $50 prize money and a plaque. Holly and I left as soon as the awards assembly was finished. Here's the down side...I accidentally took the wrong exit (I was lost) off the freeway and make it about a block before pulling into a parking lot to turn around. Well a cop followed me in and gave me a speeding ticket (54 in a 45). My vehicle insurance paper was 4 days expired....So he gave me a choice: a speeding ticket or driving without insurance ticket. Of course, the cheaper one is the better option... So he merrily skips off to his car to write the ticket saying, "I'm going to go write your ticket now, and then I'll come back and give you directions." Skip-a-dee-do-dah. I'll bet he was just waiting for the out of towner to drive by! What's ironic is that it's a running joke in my family how slow I drive! I'm not even sure I saw a speed limit sign within the block or so I drove. *sigh* so $50 prize money minus an $87 ticket. yeah...doesn't really pay. At least it's the little type of ticket that doesn't go on your record. Basically it was a way for a little town in OK to make some money. Cheers. I hope it sends some kid to college. So I'm now a delinquent.

Buns of Steel Day 1
Early Tuesday morning began my first day of "Women on Weights" It was rough getting out of bed after getting in so late from Dallas, but I made it on time. We worked on legs on Tuesday. The weight machines are all new to me, but I'm learning how to use them! I got really nauseated, but hopefully it'll get better the more I work out...
Homework: 30 minutes of cardio and drink more water every day this week!

Buns of Steel Day 2
I worked hard to drink a lot of water today. I probably still don't drink as much as I should, but I had over a liter today. I also ate oatmeal for breakfast along with a glass of orange juice. Megann and I worked out around 8:00pm today for about 20 minutes (on the stationary bikes). I'm a little nauseated, but not bad. I don't even want to know what my legs are going to feel like tomorrow! They already felt sore today before getting on the bike! At least tomorrow I'm going to work on arms...Lol. I bet on Friday my whole body will be sore! Yikes.

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