29 February 2008


I'm in a hotel in Baton Rouge now. Here's a pic of my room. I like the modern, Asian style. Each floor has a different theme so it's a rather interesting hotel. My second impression of Baton Rouge is little better than my first. Poor Louisiana.

I have an interview tomorrow. I'm not particularly worried because I think I've made up my mind about where I want to be next year. To be honest, I simply don't like Baton Rouge. The drive is long and desolate...I'd much rather drive north. More updates tomorrow I suppose...

In other news, I'm completely stressed out because I'm so busy. I bombed a test in Cell bio. I really wasn't too concerned though because he drops the lowest test. That was a bad day. I'm sure I'll do better on the next one. Unfortunately, I had to schedule an appointment with my scholarship advisor to discuss if I'm "getting the support you need." Geeze...I made a bad grade...it's not that big of a deal. It was only one test. Clearly I'm not in the habit of making bad grades, can't they just let one slide? That situation is now more stressful than it would have been if they had just let me alone. To make matters worse, the meeting is the day before the next test in that class so it will cut out of study time. Next week I also have a genetics test. I made an A easily on the first test, so I'm not too stressed about the second. ALSO, my thesis advisor wants a rough draft of my lit review and all my lab work to be finished next week. I'm leaving next Friday for Pre-vet Symposium...which I wish I hadn't signed up for. GAH...So much to do! I think I'm going to just have to tell me lab prof. that the lit review just isn't going to happen next week without me wanting to jump off a building. Maybe the week after. C = vet school...C = vet school....39 more days of class (68 days until graduation).

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Chase said...

I hope you don't jump off a building. There is a shortage of perfect bodies in the world, it'd be a shame to crush yours.

Don't let stress kill you! Let the Chase help!

Is any of this helping?