11 February 2008

Keep Your Carcinogens to Yourself.

Seniorosis - condition of the senior
Senioritis - inflammation of the senior....

I'm definitely suffering from seniorosis this year. The fact that my classes are completely boring doesn't really facilitate learning either. Cell Bio. and Genetics are filled with just enough new material that I should study, but filled with so much review they bore the heck out of me. So I didn't do so hot on the exams today...I forgot some basic stuff. Oh well.

Megann and I moved into the new apartment this weekend (probably where my study time went). I like being upstairs, but overall their are some things that really bug me about it. First of all, the stench of smokers still lingers. The carpet is pretty dirty too. Megann says they're a different color than our old apartment...but I have to wonder if it's just a disgusting film of cigarette smoke that coats the carpet....and walls and ceilings. SO GROSS. Smokers should be flogged everytime they lite up (for their own good and for . It's one thing to slowly kill yourself, but another to cause everyone around you to inhale your carcinogens and stench. Keep your Carcinogens to yourself, please. I have a strategy to remove the stench though.

Huh. Brooke says it doesn't smell like regular cigarette smoke. Great....some other type of smoke. Oh well. Currently, I have sprinkled the floors with baking soda and placed bowls of vinegar in every room. I believe it's helping. I'll vacuum up the soda in a couple of days. Then, I will us the carpet power stuff. Then use the carpet steamer a couple of times. Sometime this week, I'm hoping to scrub the walls with pinesol or bleach. I'm hoping at that will help ^_^

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