17 February 2008

Girl, Put your records on!

Flowers( Bunches o Floral V2), frame(Bendy Frames 1), journal mat (Note it Down) from Tara Dunstan at Pickleberrypop.
Shoot the Moon Word art by Kate Pertiet at DesignerDigitals

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Chase said...

haha...there was a movie by this title a few years back...it's hilarious. Lewis Black winds up as the school's dean. laughter ensues...

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my baby girl! You have grown up to be quite a young lady! Although I will enjoy helping you chose the furnishings for your new apartment and look forward to meeting your new dog this summer, I will miss you terribly. I will come visit you often. My nest will be so empty without you and George. But I am so proud of the both of you! I have been truly blessed!
Love you,