01 February 2008

A fancy way of saying r.e.j.e.c.t.e.d.

This one's not really as surprise either.
"Thank you for participating in the interview process for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University. This is to notify you that you have been selected for the alternate list. If you are selected to fill a position, further information will be sent to you."
That is pretty much another, fancier way of saying....rejected. Have a nice life. I'm still hopeful about the other 4, but I have to admit getting 2 rejection letters within 2 days is disheartening. I really didn't feel it "click" with KSU. I didn't get the feeling I would fit in there very well. The interview didn't really go well either. Haha, I'm almost starting to wish I had gone into debt and went to Mississippi State! MSU has a really nice vet school.

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phobos said...

You better not wish to change the event that brought us together...things happen for a reason, Katie!