12 February 2008


I just sent my stress level through the roof. First of all, Cell bio's test grade was posted today. It sucked. It really sucked. I guess it will provide the necessary motivation to study for the next one. I got a bunch of stuff confused...and with multiple choice that's bad. Option E always gets me (all of the above, none of the above, A & D etc). I especially hate it when I'm sure about answer A but not sure if it's both A and D (option E). Genetics was a short answer test...Hopefully I did better on it. Cell Bio takes best 3 out of 4 tests, but Genetics doesn't drop a test grade. Not too stressed out about Cell Bio, but I hate making bad grades.

The other thing that I almost flipped out about is replying to my invitation to interview at LSU. I was so excited about getting it I forgot to reply! Today I remembered and spazzed out as I couldn't find the email. Thank goodness for Gmail and its search feature! Luckily I found it and responded before the February 15 deadline. How awful would it have been if I forgot!!!! Talk about setting myself up for failure.

Considering past years of college, I've really been pretty laid back about this year. I think it helps I have my own place away from a dorm. I can escape the insanity every night. I'm anxious about next year, but all in all I think it's going to be OK. Haha, I just have to make it through this last semester. So I guess I should occasionally study...

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