29 February 2008


I'm in a hotel in Baton Rouge now. Here's a pic of my room. I like the modern, Asian style. Each floor has a different theme so it's a rather interesting hotel. My second impression of Baton Rouge is little better than my first. Poor Louisiana.

I have an interview tomorrow. I'm not particularly worried because I think I've made up my mind about where I want to be next year. To be honest, I simply don't like Baton Rouge. The drive is long and desolate...I'd much rather drive north. More updates tomorrow I suppose...

In other news, I'm completely stressed out because I'm so busy. I bombed a test in Cell bio. I really wasn't too concerned though because he drops the lowest test. That was a bad day. I'm sure I'll do better on the next one. Unfortunately, I had to schedule an appointment with my scholarship advisor to discuss if I'm "getting the support you need." Geeze...I made a bad grade...it's not that big of a deal. It was only one test. Clearly I'm not in the habit of making bad grades, can't they just let one slide? That situation is now more stressful than it would have been if they had just let me alone. To make matters worse, the meeting is the day before the next test in that class so it will cut out of study time. Next week I also have a genetics test. I made an A easily on the first test, so I'm not too stressed about the second. ALSO, my thesis advisor wants a rough draft of my lit review and all my lab work to be finished next week. I'm leaving next Friday for Pre-vet Symposium...which I wish I hadn't signed up for. GAH...So much to do! I think I'm going to just have to tell me lab prof. that the lit review just isn't going to happen next week without me wanting to jump off a building. Maybe the week after. C = vet school...C = vet school....39 more days of class (68 days until graduation).

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27 February 2008

Workout info

Miniskirt Workout (2/5)
  • Warmup 5-10 minutes
  • Freemotion Squat (entire leg)
  • Seated Leg Curl (Hamstrings)
  • Leg extension (quadriceps)
  • Glute press (gluteal group)
  • Inner Thigh
  • Outer Thigh (or hip abduction with red band)
  • Calf Rasies
Strapless Dress Workout (2/7)
  • Wam Up
  • Chest press/freemotion chest press/inclune press (pectorals)
  • Pec Fly (Pectorals)
  • Lat Pulldown (back)
  • Military Press w/ Free weights (shoulders)
  • Front raise w/ free weights (shoulders)
  • Lateral Raise w/ free weights (shoulders)
  • Bicep Curl
  • Overhead Tricep Press


I finally finished a layout for pure fun!
Kit is by Melissa Bennett (Stupid Cupid) and Oh My Mats. Photo mat by Traci Ann.

I have been steadily researching literature for my thesis. So far, an outline is all that I have finished, but it's a start. Dr. R provided some particularly useful sources I will incorporate into my outline tomorrow. As for research, 30 samples remain that need to be sequenced before I can call the research portion completed. How exciting!

I applied for graduation yesterday. The nostalgia of leaving here is already setting in. Less than 50 days of class remain before graduation. This semester has seemingly flown by at a record speed. I find it hard to believe that I will soon be a college graduate. It's too close to "adult" than I care to think about. Today I filed my FAFSA...as an independent. It feels so strange to be considered an adult...

BOS Update
My weekend plans consisted of eating and eating more. Therefore, Kung Fu yesterday nearly brought tears to my eyes. As it turns out, being a bum has repercussions. My legs and abs still hurt. Yes, I feel the burn. Today we worked shoulders and back muscles on the weight machines. I suppose my arms were feeling a bit left out following Kung Fu, but now they feel quite like the rest of my weakling body...sore! Although, I am unsure wether or not I look different, I feel stronger. Today I touched my toes. I am proud.

Peace and health to all!

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17 February 2008

Girl, Put your records on!

Flowers( Bunches o Floral V2), frame(Bendy Frames 1), journal mat (Note it Down) from Tara Dunstan at Pickleberrypop.
Shoot the Moon Word art by Kate Pertiet at DesignerDigitals

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15 February 2008

It's Official. I'm going to be a Vet! ACCEPTED

Ok! So this week have been dramatic! BUT I have some good news.

"Congratulations! The Admissions and Scholarship Committee has recommended your accpetance into the veterinary professional curriculum at the University of Missouri!"

YEAAAAH!!!! I'm going be a vet!!!! I'm going to be a vet!!

I'm just so relieved...even if I didn't get the Arkansas contract!

At mom's urging I called to check on the contract. I GOT THE CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried for about 10 minutes! I'm so happy!!

More Valentine's Day

The roses go with my girly-girl room. Haha. I got Chase an Apologetics Bible. I think he liked it ^_^ He also got us both webcams so we can see each other when I have to move away. Lol, my fitness trainer gave me 2 fiber bars.

Cheerio! Happy Valentine's Day.
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Happy Valentines

Chase bought me chocolates!

and roses...

We waited 50 minutes to get a table at Olive Garden.

The roses are really pretty..
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14 February 2008


Hot Pants Workout (2/12)
Bosu Squats
Walking Lunges
Freemotion Hamstring
Freemotion Quad

Bikini Top Workout (2/14)
Basic Push-up
(or Pec Fly Machine)
Lat Pulldown
Tricep Kickback (remember, bend at the elbow!)
Bicep Curl
Back Extension
Crunch (shoulder blades should remain off floor)
Crossover Crunch
Leg Raises on Roman Chair (over there by the leg machines)

Japanese Immersion - Summer Festival

How cute is this! They dressed us up in real kimonos! Haha...and I mean it! Japanese girls helped us put them on and tied the bow etc.

Japanese Summer festival drum dance.

Okonomiyaki booth. It was definitely a strange food to us! It was like an egg pancake with ketchup, mayo, veggies, and shrimp....

The bottles were awesome. You have to use the blue plastic lid to push down a marble in the neck of the bottle! I kept mine ^_^ Ramune = soda!
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12 February 2008


I just sent my stress level through the roof. First of all, Cell bio's test grade was posted today. It sucked. It really sucked. I guess it will provide the necessary motivation to study for the next one. I got a bunch of stuff confused...and with multiple choice that's bad. Option E always gets me (all of the above, none of the above, A & D etc). I especially hate it when I'm sure about answer A but not sure if it's both A and D (option E). Genetics was a short answer test...Hopefully I did better on it. Cell Bio takes best 3 out of 4 tests, but Genetics doesn't drop a test grade. Not too stressed out about Cell Bio, but I hate making bad grades.

The other thing that I almost flipped out about is replying to my invitation to interview at LSU. I was so excited about getting it I forgot to reply! Today I remembered and spazzed out as I couldn't find the email. Thank goodness for Gmail and its search feature! Luckily I found it and responded before the February 15 deadline. How awful would it have been if I forgot!!!! Talk about setting myself up for failure.

Considering past years of college, I've really been pretty laid back about this year. I think it helps I have my own place away from a dorm. I can escape the insanity every night. I'm anxious about next year, but all in all I think it's going to be OK. Haha, I just have to make it through this last semester. So I guess I should occasionally study...

11 February 2008

Keep Your Carcinogens to Yourself.

Seniorosis - condition of the senior
Senioritis - inflammation of the senior....

I'm definitely suffering from seniorosis this year. The fact that my classes are completely boring doesn't really facilitate learning either. Cell Bio. and Genetics are filled with just enough new material that I should study, but filled with so much review they bore the heck out of me. So I didn't do so hot on the exams today...I forgot some basic stuff. Oh well.

Megann and I moved into the new apartment this weekend (probably where my study time went). I like being upstairs, but overall their are some things that really bug me about it. First of all, the stench of smokers still lingers. The carpet is pretty dirty too. Megann says they're a different color than our old apartment...but I have to wonder if it's just a disgusting film of cigarette smoke that coats the carpet....and walls and ceilings. SO GROSS. Smokers should be flogged everytime they lite up (for their own good and for . It's one thing to slowly kill yourself, but another to cause everyone around you to inhale your carcinogens and stench. Keep your Carcinogens to yourself, please. I have a strategy to remove the stench though.

Huh. Brooke says it doesn't smell like regular cigarette smoke. Great....some other type of smoke. Oh well. Currently, I have sprinkled the floors with baking soda and placed bowls of vinegar in every room. I believe it's helping. I'll vacuum up the soda in a couple of days. Then, I will us the carpet power stuff. Then use the carpet steamer a couple of times. Sometime this week, I'm hoping to scrub the walls with pinesol or bleach. I'm hoping at that will help ^_^

10 February 2008

My (girly) room

My teacups look adorable on their little shelf!
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Southern Section Pictures

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08 February 2008


Tomorrow, Megann and I are switching apartments. I'm really dreading it...such a pain. I'll enjoy being in the new one though where I don't have to hear the club and can open my window more often. There's more available parking down there too. I just dread the whole moving part. What a pain in the butt it's going to be! I'm not sure it's worth the trouble when I'm only going to be living here for 3 more months. Sheesh...then I'm going to have to move the couch and my bedroom stuff again. AND then again when I find out where I'll be next year. How inconvenient -_- too late to back out now. All our utilities have been transferred... Moving all of our stuff is not going to be an easy undertaking. *dread, dread, dread*

In other news, I've been invited to interview at LSU. I'm very relieved to hear from them. Haha, I guess all my frustration with them is fading although I still don't like Baton Rouge.

Buns of Steel Day 3 - Feb. 7
We worked out the upper body today. I'm definitely feeling it today.

BoSD 4
30 minutes of cardio
10 stretching with a balance ball.

Here is a layout of my family. I used a Digital Scrapbooking TV tutorial to blend the background ^_^ Hehe, I also put my family walking in the background and the bird above the y.
The background paper and alpha are from Tara Dunstan at Pickleberry pop
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06 February 2008

My Delinquency & Buns of Steel. Days 1 and 2.

I just got back from the American Society of Animal Science Southern Section meeting in Dallas. It was a mighty enjoyable trip. I spent some time with Christine and got to know my lab group a little better on Sunday night. Saturday I won 3rd at the undergraduate presentation competition. My thesis project is just that cool. Well maybe not...I'm one of the only undergrads who spoke loudly. Haha! My presentation was not top notch, but I think speaking loudly really helped. $50 prize money and a plaque. Holly and I left as soon as the awards assembly was finished. Here's the down side...I accidentally took the wrong exit (I was lost) off the freeway and make it about a block before pulling into a parking lot to turn around. Well a cop followed me in and gave me a speeding ticket (54 in a 45). My vehicle insurance paper was 4 days expired....So he gave me a choice: a speeding ticket or driving without insurance ticket. Of course, the cheaper one is the better option... So he merrily skips off to his car to write the ticket saying, "I'm going to go write your ticket now, and then I'll come back and give you directions." Skip-a-dee-do-dah. I'll bet he was just waiting for the out of towner to drive by! What's ironic is that it's a running joke in my family how slow I drive! I'm not even sure I saw a speed limit sign within the block or so I drove. *sigh* so $50 prize money minus an $87 ticket. yeah...doesn't really pay. At least it's the little type of ticket that doesn't go on your record. Basically it was a way for a little town in OK to make some money. Cheers. I hope it sends some kid to college. So I'm now a delinquent.

Buns of Steel Day 1
Early Tuesday morning began my first day of "Women on Weights" It was rough getting out of bed after getting in so late from Dallas, but I made it on time. We worked on legs on Tuesday. The weight machines are all new to me, but I'm learning how to use them! I got really nauseated, but hopefully it'll get better the more I work out...
Homework: 30 minutes of cardio and drink more water every day this week!

Buns of Steel Day 2
I worked hard to drink a lot of water today. I probably still don't drink as much as I should, but I had over a liter today. I also ate oatmeal for breakfast along with a glass of orange juice. Megann and I worked out around 8:00pm today for about 20 minutes (on the stationary bikes). I'm a little nauseated, but not bad. I don't even want to know what my legs are going to feel like tomorrow! They already felt sore today before getting on the bike! At least tomorrow I'm going to work on arms...Lol. I bet on Friday my whole body will be sore! Yikes.

01 February 2008

A fancy way of saying r.e.j.e.c.t.e.d.

This one's not really as surprise either.
"Thank you for participating in the interview process for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University. This is to notify you that you have been selected for the alternate list. If you are selected to fill a position, further information will be sent to you."
That is pretty much another, fancier way of saying....rejected. Have a nice life. I'm still hopeful about the other 4, but I have to admit getting 2 rejection letters within 2 days is disheartening. I really didn't feel it "click" with KSU. I didn't get the feeling I would fit in there very well. The interview didn't really go well either. Haha, I'm almost starting to wish I had gone into debt and went to Mississippi State! MSU has a really nice vet school.