31 January 2008


As usual, I've been lazy about updating my blog, but much has happened.

First of all, I finished another vet school interview at Kansas State University. It was pretty much a long boring drive that progressively got colder. I just got an iPod so we listened to PodCasts the entire drive. Pretty cool stuff...I have one about training dogs! Manhattan certainly wasn't as pretty as Columbia, although my opinion may be skewed because of how cold it was in Kansas. The vet school itself was standard in appearance: cynderblock and brick without to much fancy architecture. As for my interview, I don't think it went near as well as Mizzou's interview. Friends of mine who had previously interviewed told me KSU's interviews were even more relaxed than Mizzou's interviews. Well, my KSU interview was definitely knowledge based as opposed to a relaxed get-to-know you type interview. I knew most of the answers, but I'm afraid I said the kidney when I meant liver. SO if any KSU people read this... The liver plays a primary role in the breakdown of toxins, although the kidneys also play a role. For example, the cytochrome p450s that I'm studying have a role in toxin breakdown and are found in the kidneys. *sigh* Is that cause for rejection? Do the interviewers take into account the differences between interviewers? No one else I know got drilled on knowledge based stuff. Is the gene you're sequencing mitochondrial or nuclear DNA? What are the CYP450s? What organ breaks down toxins? What important equine law issue occured during last semester? What do you think about horse slaughter? (I answered this one poorly as well) What are the implications of banning horse slaughter? What the is the coggins test? What spreads equine infectious anemia? Where do Brahman cattle come from? How do you display leadership? As prevet president, have you faced conflict and how did you deal with it? What are you going to do if you don't make it? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I just didn't get a happy feeling after this interview. I'll hear back from them within 2 weeks. Yikes

In other news, I received a letter from CSU today. r.e.j.e.c.t.e.d. I'm pretty bummed about it. My first letter from a vet school is a rejection letter. Hopefully I get accepted somewhere although I'm starting to feel a bit anxious about it. I'll just try not to stalk the mail man. -_-

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