18 January 2008

Back at school

Well I am officially back at school. I've finished my first week of class. So far my classes aren't covering any new material so they're pretty boring. In other news, I bought an iPod. This was probably very foolish, a waste of money, as well as selfish, but I'm really enjoying it so far. The funny part is ...the main reason I bought it was because of Podcasts...really dorky ones...like NPR shows and dog training advice. Yeah, I bought an iPod so I could listen to the news while walking to/during class. I have to say...it's pretty cool! There are so many cool Podcasts...I just love them.

One thing I wanted to tell my blog readers (if I have any) is you guys should consider adopting a soldier. I adopted one from Soldier's Angels http://soldiersangels.org. Our poor troops are out there fighting for our country (if you agree with the war or not. I personally support the soldiers, but not the war). Anyway, it's not too much trouble to adopt one: 1 letter per week, 1 package per month. You can totally do it! It doesn't take that much money ($0.41 per week + $9.00 to mail a flat rate priority mail package + however much you spend on stuff in the package which can be as simple as chips and candy or more expensive like handheld games) Anything at all makes a difference to someone...even if they don't ever respond to you, soldiers say it made a difference. So please think about it!

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