08 December 2007


Examples of Stupidity in F-ville

1. Saturday finals at 7:30 AM
2. Closing the breakfast supplying units (aka fast food joints) in the Union during Example 1.
3. Opening a bar in close proximity to apartments known to have students preparing for Example 1.
4. Booking a band at the bar in Example 3 during the night preceding Example 1.
5. Building a outside patio to the bar in Examples 3 and 4.
6. Owning an apartment complex and building a bar in its already too small parking lot.

Well...I suppose you can guess what happened last night. The bar next door to my apartment opened up the patio area they've been building with a noisy band. I marched over twice in my pajamas to tell them to turn it down. It lasted until 1 AM... BAD IDEA. The owners of our apartment built a freaking bar instead of an office/clubhouse for the residents. Our apartment is less than 4 yards away from the bar. So it's really noisy. For heaven's sake, why did they book a band the night before 7:30 a.m. Saturday finals???? Sheesh. I signed the lease on my apartment before they built the bar. I'm really going to cause some trouble if this keeps up night after night. STUPID OWNERS!!! This apartment was great until they built that stupid bar. They should have kept it a parking lot.

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